Customer Reviews

Breastfeeding Moms Love Condessa

"Thank you so much for this bra, I got the lace Condessa bra and am thrilled with it. I haven't felt this sexy since before I got pregnant. Its nice to finally have a wireless bra that supports even my size D's. I plan on buying many more!"
- Alexis Stites
"I love this bra! The low cut Veronica bra works well with v-neck or lower cut clothes as well as being quite sexy (and we all need to still fell sexy while nursing!). I have one full coverage and this one, for options. Looks wise, my husband loved the sex appeal this bra gives. I am currently a small C-cup while nursing, and I find great comfort and support. Larger cups may not feel the same support due to the demi-cut? It's an easy one hand snap release and snap closed. Highly recommend."
- Gabrielle Meola
"Fantastic bra! I have nursed two children, and owned many, many bras, and this has to be the best one. The Veronica bra is very supportive (34B), and has a smooth, uplifting look. It is also very functional, as it easily opens, and fold away for great nursing access. I would highly recommend this bras to anyone who wants a beautiful, functional bra."
- S. Willard
"I love how they look with the matching bra so much I am going to buy another pair. They really are comfortable and fit true to size. I love the fit and the color. Just perfect! So happy with my purchase and excellent customer service when it came to bra sizing.
- A. Crandall
"Thank you sooo much for helping me out with the Rose bra. It feels great... I love your bras and recommend them to all my friends. You have a great product and company and I look forward to making more purchases in the future. My baby is due in two weeks. So, as soon as my body finds its way back to normal I am sure you’ll get another email from me. Thank you again"
- Allison Mann
"Well, no degree in PR, just a keen ability for gushing about things I love, one of them being your bras! I am honestly so happy with them, I really do appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts, I hope that it encourages many many others to enjoy your beautiful lingerie."
- Heather Culver
"This is the most confortable bra I have ever worn. I will continue to wear it even when I stop nursing! 5 Stars!!!"
- Nancy Belmont
"I am loving your designs! its like vic sct for nursing moms. My baby is 15 mos old now , and I'm STILL buying new bras. I wish I heard of these a LONG time ago. I've nursed 5 babies and have NEVER been happy with nursing bras. Either poor quality (motherhood) or too frumpy looking (bravado). I plan on getting my $$$'s worth by wearing these after he weans. I usually cannot wait to trash my nursing bras. These are just too special to waste!!"
- Andrea Rodriguez
"I want to let you know how much I appreciate that there is a company like yours out there so that I can still feel somewhat feminine and attractive under my clothes while serving as a dairy buffet"
- Laura Bauman
"I just received my Condessa nursing bra in the mail today. THANK YOU for making such a supportive and sexy piece of lingerie for nursing mothers. I've shopped around for awhile trying to find a nursing bra that was supportive for my D cup. Not only does the condessa provide support, but it also is beautiful and makes me oh so happy when I nurse my baby. Thank you!!"
- Nicole Smith
"I got the bra today- it's beautiful! I love the color."
- Suzanne Matteo
"This is the sexiest maternity bra I have come across yet, I thought hotmilk was good but this little number is seriously HOT and really beautiful bikini briefs which look nothing like your nannas undies.. keep it coming I say !!"
- Lauren from Australia
"The Cassandra bra is the nicest bra I have ever had- nursing or otherwise!"
- Terry W., Pittsburgh, PA
"The bra and underwear set are incredibly comfortable and stylish! I will continue to wear them even after I've finished nursing!"
- Leslie
"Your designs are simply beautiful and brilliant - you're able to make a nursing mom feel sexy - just brilliant!"
- Ginny
"Just received my bra, they are great! I have a D-DD size & they fit great & great support! How nice it is to have a maternity bra that doesn't come up to your chin or have daggy clips on the straps that everyone can see. Thank you so much."
- Daina from Australia
"The set arrived today. It is a truly beautiful set; very functional yet still lovely. The material is very soft, as well. i really appreciate this and am looking forward to putting it to use. Thank you again."
- Tiffany Merrit
" is wonderful to see stylish nursing bras in big sizes - i have been nursing for 5 years straight in august and have no plans of stopping anytime soon - i am so tired of the frumpy white bras!!..."
- Karin Harvey-Olson
"...even prettier than in the pictures!"
- Jennese
"This is my 3rd child and I am almost 40. I am at a point in my life where I want to feel beautiful & sexy. I have nursed 2 other children & I although nursing is a fabulous thing you do loose your identity and can feel big & blah. The nursing bras out there don't help that. I am just so excited about the Condessa nursing bra because it will make me feel beautiful & sexy. Even my husband said it didn't even look like a nursing bra & thought it was very flattering & pretty & he encouraged me to buy more! I nursed until February of this year & will be nursing again any day now. Only now I am actually looking forward to it where before I bought the Condessa I was dreading the "physicality's" of it. It sounds silly but something so simple as wearing sexy lingerie helps you remember your not just a Mom or a Nursing Mom."
- Pamela Nielsen
"As a first time mother of a 5 month old who refuses a bottle and is exclusively breastfeeding, I am incredibly thankful for the comfort, ease of use, and glorious sense of femininity these bras have given me. I was lucky enough to have two of the Cassandra Lace Nursing Bras handed down to me from close friends (a good proof of their quality!), and of the (not joking!) DOZEN nursing bras I aquired, I have worn those two almost exclusively. The front snaps are so easy to use one-handed, and while the cups offer plenty of support (I'm currently a full D), the lace is soft and thin enough to move aside easily and stay out of the way of those most important meals! And while in so many ways becoming a mother have moved my sense of physicality from sensual to utilitarian, these bras remind me every day, at every feeding, that I am beautiful and sexy! I hope you find the same satisfaction from these beautiful bras I have had, and enjoy this special and unique time as a beautiful, sexy, breastfeeding mother! Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing about new products, colors, etc."
- Heather Shannon
"I have to say...this company has come up with a genius product! Finally, nursing bras that are sexy! They come in colors, the work with low neck shirts, they have lace, the straps aren't massively thick. Its fabulous!..."
- C.E. Armstrong
"Fabulous bra, very sexy and non-maternity looking."
-Trina from Australia